Hilton in Liverpool

hiltonLeanne and John-314Your Singing Waiters had yet another fantastic weekend. Marcus and Nathan had a busy couple of days, with a great wedding at the beautiful Ribby Hall Village, near preston on Friday, followed up with an amazing celebration at The Hilton Hotel, Liverpool

The surprise singers yet again wowed wedding guests with their acting and singing abilities, performing the “bullying waiter” scenario.

Leanne and John-448Saturday’s performance from surprise singers liverpool  at The Hilton, Liverpool was for an undisclosed celebrity wedding, and the boys had an absolute ball. The troublesome duo had worked the room with their speciality act, with the whole suite believing that Nathan was being bullied by sharp tongued Marcus.
“ Leave the lad alone”
“He can’t tell me to put my phone away”
“who does he think he is!!??”

The scenario played out until just after the main course, when all of aLeanne and John-470-2 sudden Nathan dropped a big tray of cutlery onto the dancefloor.
“Are you stupid, what are you playing at!??”

Well, that was it, Nathan stormed out of the room, told Marcus to “Stick his job”, to which the audience went wild!
“Go on lad!!
“you deserve that, Marcus! Totally out of order”

Before you knew it, Nathan burst back into the room, accompanied by Marcus in full song!
What a reception! The 180 strong audience loved it, dancing around the room, even on the chairs and tables, as the surprise singers sang a perfect set of songs to get the party buzzing.


The moment it all kicks off!!! Hilton Hotel - Leanne Carragher Wedding (Video footage from mobile phone)

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