Sandbach Singing Waiters

Surprise Your Guests With Our Sandbach Singing Waiters Performances.

Sandbach Singing waiters Every party organizer wants to make his party memorable by making some special arrangements for his guests. Sanbach Singing waiters is a UK based entertainment group that will provide you with artists that will make your party special for your audience. We would add the something extra that is missing in most of the parties. Our artists are popular throughout the United Kingdom for astonishing the guests by entering the party as surprise singers and then giving breathtaking performances.

Sandbach Singing waiters:

Our talented artists would be present in the party disguised as waiters. They would flirt with the audience and make minor errors while serving food and drinks. All this would be done to grab the attention of the guests. Once the dessert is offered to the guests our waiters will one by one launch in to a song. You can very well imagine the look on the faces of your guests at that stage.

Sandbach Singing chef:

After the completion of the dinner or lunch an announcement would be made that the chief chef is going to hang his boots and in order to make the occasion special will sing a song for the audience. One of the artists will appear in the party masquerading the retiring chef and launch in to a song. Other members of our team will also join him one by one.

Sandbach Singing policemen:

This is probably our most exhilarating gimmick. Our two gifted artists will suddenly appear in the party in the disguise of policeman and policewoman.  They would start interrogating one of the important guests of the party and arrest him shocking the entire audience. Then they would laugh and start a stimulating performance.

Our services are available for hire throughout UK.

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