The Show

Your singing waiters provide an entertainment experience that will have you and your guests blown away! Looking for that something different for your wedding or corporate event? Have your guests talking about your event for years to come! The show is sure to create Fun, excitement, comedy and most of all the unforgettable surprise!

Your singing waiters will mix and mingle with the venue staff during the early part of your event helping to set the room, cleaning glasses and welcoming your guests into the room. We will help serve drinks and your meal throughout the afternoon, ensuring we get to know all your guests, not to mention slipping up with comedy errors such as drinking the wine, causing staffing issues, complaining about our jobs, asking your guests for ID, generally having a great banter with your guests.


After the last course is served the music will begin to commence. To the surprise and amazement of all your guests our first waiter will burst into a big song. It will be a very dramatic start, ensuring maximum surprise for your guests. Our Waiter number two will then again surprise your guests bursting into harmonies during the second performance song. Your singing waiters will work the room taking half each, interacting with your guests and creating an unforgettable atmosphere of fun, sing along, excitement, surprise and lots of laughter. The waiters will have the dance floor full and do not forget this is just the beginning of your event.

The singing show is around 30 minutes. We will be happy to work with you when discussing the best music and songs for your event from Rat Pack, Buble, Musical, Rock, Pop or even Modern.

Whatever your event we can cater for all requirements weather is a comical show you are interested in or a more sophisticated approach we have the knowledge and experience to create a performance designed bespoke just for you!




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